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Profit Drivers is a vibrant online community for novice and experienced automotive and RV professionals!

During our first 18 months in operation, we received numerous inquiries from dealerships in search of new staff to fill job vacancies and a number of queries from automotive professionals who were looking for new placements.  In order to match these two groups together, it made sense to offer a service to the industry so all parties could search within their professional network for ideal employees or career vacancies.  The right team brings a wealth of knowledge. To further expand that richness, seek feedback from your community on our online forum to burning issues, general topics, or offer your own suggestions about practices that work well for you.  As a FREE account holder, you have full access to the Employment Posting Board and the Forum.

Human nature compels us to want to excel at what we do.  To improve our skills we need to learn new practices.  The best people to learn from in any industry are the top performers.  Due to the competitive, demanding nature of our industry though, we don’t have many opportunities to learn from our peers other than to briefly chit-chat with other participants at an off-site training session, workshop or seminar.  We can become set in our ways and closed to new ideas and practices.  The only thing that really suffers is our paycheque.  Technology has changed all that! After ten years in the industry, we realized that the greatest learning resources are found within those professionals practicing their skills and techniques every day in the field, presenting their products, overcoming objections, and closing sale after sale.  Our online Resource Center has quick and easy access to information and links that contain vital knowledge.  We have carefully assembled top performers to deliver exceptional learning materials by video, audio and text media in the Training Center to help you accelerate profits.

We invite you to join our automotive professionals’ community with a FREE account.


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