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Member Spotlight, Stephanie Welsh, Lovin’ Life!

Stephanie has been in the automotive industry for five years, and loves it! 

She came from 20 years in the hospitality industry and feels that was the perfect pre-requisite to work in auto. Coming into this industry with above average customer relations skills (after all the customer is always right) and confidence, was a great start. It made for an easy first year while she learned the selling process and product knowledge…she still managed to sell cars on her customer skills alone! After that first year, lots of hard work, and meshing her personality with the selling process, she was consistently the Top sales representative at the dealership. With a great foundation and four years in her sales career, Stephanie was offered a promotion into the business office.

Contrary to many, Stephanie believes that coming into this industry right on the cusp of the good ‘ol hay days where there were lots of ups all the time, was to her advantage. Right from the get go, she learned that your best shot was on the customers first visit and she had to develop a wicked follow up plan-when not greeting new customers, she was on the phone. In Stephanie’s eyes, the industry hasn’t changed. If you can build value, first in yourself, then your product and dealership, you can sell cars.

Her tip for other F& I managers is to present EVERYTHING! to EVERYONE! EVERY singe TIME!. And when you ask your closing question, if the answer is not YES, get three yes’s (trial closes), before you ask for the sale again…and always ask for the sale again, at least three times! Improving your skills will automatically improve your results, so however you have to do that, do it! This is the only job Stephanie has ever had, that if she put very little effort in, she can have a good job. When she applies herself to become great at her job (as she has done), she has an amazing career!

Her life is awesome! Stephanie wakes up every day in paradise, in Campbell River on beautiful Vancouver Island. She has three great kids-her husband and two of her kids are in the automotive industry; a great squirrely cat (Kitty); and 120 lb dog (Salem) that she enjoys walking. She enjoys hiking, riding her pedal bike and loves good food! Her belief sums up why she has excelled in less than one year, to match the skills of a 5-year experienced F&I Manager: If you don’t like how you’re feeling, change your mind.

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