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Handling Objections Like a Pro!

How you handle objections is the single deciding factor that determines whether your client will buy from you or not. When you “Test for Agreement” to buy and you are faced with rejection, take time to find out what the reason for the decline is. This in itself can be challenging, to find the right words to say. Ultimately, we want to know “Why” although that word alone posed as a question can seem confrontational. To soften your approach, you may want to ask “Do you mind if I ask you Why?” It’s important you are relaxed when you ask this question because your tone and body language will strongly influence the way this is received by your potential client. We want to continue the flow of the conversation you’ve had until now and keep it smooth and easy. This is still a discussion.

Once you’ve unveiled “Why” the potential client declined your offer, you need to overcome the objection by threading back to the client’s problem and the solution your product/service provides. At this point, when you handle the objection, always introduce a new idea or new aspect about your product/service and emphasize how this will solve the client’s problem. Bringing in fresh “reasons” why your product/service is an ideal solution helps build layers of buying motivation. There will be one motivator that compels the client to buy from you more than others and there’s a good chance you identified what that key motivator is during the previous 5 steps. Always lean on the client’s biggest pain that your product/service will satisfy. This is the true magic of leading your clients to buy from you!

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4 Responses to “Handling Objections Like a Pro!”

  1. Joyce says:

    Great article! A lot of people see objection as rejection, but it can be a buying sign. They want to have a solution to their problem and are willing to tell you what is in the way of them getting your solution.

  2. cathy says:

    Yes Joyce! That is so true! Another way to look at an objection is to see it as an opportunity to help the client understand the value your product or service offers them that they can’t fully see yet. Keep the value high so it always outweighs the price.

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