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The Real Truth About Excellent Customer Service

Excellent customer service is about the little extra service you provide to your customers. You may think that excellent customer service is about the massive steps you take on your clients’ behalf. Truth is, your clients have a certain expectation of the customer service you will provide based on your industry standards. What will make a lasting impression is those small details you take care of.

Allow me to give you a prime example of this. I arrived in Toronto (Canada) for a conference this week at the Trump International Hotel. The name in itself set high expectations before coming here so I was curious to see just how high they would reach in meeting my expectations. From the 1st moment I stepped on the hotel property I was truly impressed. The bellman welcomed me…by name, while opening the entrance door! How on earth did he know my name? I asked him that and he kindly responded, “We’ve been expecting you, Ms. Aron”. I’ve been trying to figure out ever since then how this gentleman knew my name and I’m still unsure. In fact, it doesn’t matter now because I have been impressed so many times over that it’s become a realization to me that the staff here are extraordinary and the training they receive is of the highest caliber!

That was just the beginning. When I was finished checking-in, the front desk representative took me to the elevator, showed me how the electronic key worked and rode the elevator with me to my floor! He kindly walked me to my room, opened the door with the key, and asked if there was anything else I needed at the moment. After picking my chin up from the floor, I thanked the young man and continued to orient myself with my new home for the next few days. From this point, it has been an endless list of professionalism and thoughtful considerations that compel me to emphasize the impact excellent customer service has on your clients. It’s the little things, like the umbrella in every room to make sure you don’t get wet in case you’re out while it’s raining; the “attaché” service offered to guests with personal assistance; shopping; personalized business cards and stationary! Every guest here is treated as a VIP. This is truly exceptional!

What would you define as excellent customer service for your clients? What would make their experience with you something special and over-the-top? For a start, you can offer them an extraordinary experience from the moment you start building rapport and discovering what their wants, needs or desires (their problem) is. The consultative sales approach comes in here and is the start of where you can make a difference with service to your clients and potential clients. Tomorrow’s post will describe step 3, “Need Awareness” of The Consultative Sales System. Join us then to find out how you will link what you learned about your client/potential client during step 2, the “Building Rapport – Discovery” phase to clarify (and in some cases, help them understand) what they need. Exceptional service to your clients leads to loyalty and lasting impressions. Get a head start by beginning this process before they even become your client!

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2 Responses to “The Real Truth About Excellent Customer Service”

  1. Eveliina says:

    What and Impressive Entrance!
    They’ve googled you :D

  2. cathy says:

    Eve, I thought that too, the only way they would have known who I was, by checking my online profile. To imagine that a hotel would take the time to do that completely impresses me and speaks of out-of-this-world customer service!

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