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Step 2 – Building Rapport – Discovery

Thursday, October 3rd, 2013

Clients Have a Problem, You Have a Solution: One of the most important things to know about the product or service you offer is that it solves some sort of problem that your clients have.  Traditionally, we refer to customers buying from us because they have a want, need or desire.  It goes deeper than that though so we must look at what those problems are and be very clear about them.  For one, this will be a huge help when designing your marketing copy and for another, this will help you craft your discovery questions.

And what are discovery questions?  They are specific questions you ask potential clients or repeat clients, to better understand the problem they have come to you to solve.  Please keep this an easy conversation rather than a regimented interview like a banker doing a credit interview for someone seeking a loan.  The discovery questions are part of your building rapport.  To your potential client/repeat client, your questions should seem like normal conversation for the topic you are discussing.

Take time to determine what problems your product or service solves.  Then, prepare several questions you can ask that will draw out more information about what your customer is looking for, all while building rapport and learning more about them.  Notice I haven’t suggested any discussion yet about your products.  Your client is the #1 priority here; your product or service is secondary.  Why?  Because there is no point to introduce your product or service until you know whether they have a problem that you can solve.

If you are struggling with the problems you solve, leave a post below and we’ll flush them out together.  If you are unsure about the types of questions that would be ideal to ask during this Discovery/Building Rapport step, we can flush those out together too, again…leave a post below.  Here’s a teeny secret to leading more clients to say “YES!” to purchase from you:  everything you do hereafter in the sales process depends entirely on what you learn during this step, invest in this!  If you’re already good at asking questions, ask yourself what other quality questions you can ask to gather more information.

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