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Is it Time to Get Your Clients to Buy from You?

Wednesday, October 30th, 2013

This is the final step in the Consultative Sales System and if you’ve followed all the steps thoroughly to this point, you will find this the easiest step of all.

To recap:
1/ Meet & Greet: You’ve exchanged warm and friendly introductions with your client;
2/ Build Rapport – Discovery: You’ve had a meaningful conversation wherein you focused on their wants, needs and desires;
3/ Identify Need: You’ve confirmed your client’s wants, needs or desires (their problem) and they’ve agreed you are correct (if they don’t agree at this point, go back to step #2 and ask more questions to unveil the root of their needs/problem);
4/ Satisfy the Need: You’ve positioned your product or service as an ideal solution to their problem (satisfied their needs, wants, desires);
5/ Test for Agreement: You’ve tested for interest in your product or service (ie: “Does it make sense to you…”);
6/ Handle Objections (if applicable): You’ve uncovered the reason they decline your offer (by asking your version of “Why Not?”), and responded to and handled the objection(s) that arose;
7/ Offer 2 Options: You finalize the sale – ask them which offer they prefer and provide 2 options to choose from.

In step #7, leaving the final decision in the client’s hands gives them complete control over their decision. With today’s competitive market in every industry, clients want to make their own purchase decisions although once you follow these 7 steps, you are truly leading them to purchase from you as you are solving their problem(s). Also, you’ve taken the time to investigate exactly what their problem is and you’ve demonstrated a genuine interest in your client by doing so!

If you practice these steps with every client, your sales will grow! If you get stuck at any stage, leave me a comment below and I’ll do all I can to help!

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